Best settings for a different platforms

Hi, Is there any list of the suggested settings for each platform (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) for example like what kind of codec to use, channels count, FileBufferSize, MemoryPoolSizes, use Streams or not, etc?

Best, Radek

Information about reccomended encoding formats for common platforms can be found in the Compression Formats and Encoding Settings section of the Getting Events Into Your Game chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

The number of channels your game should use depends entirely on the channel formats you expect your players to have, and which speaker formats you want to support. For example, when targeting a mobile or portable platform, it is common to support only stereo output, as most mobile platforms have only mono or stereo speakers, and support only stereo headphones.

The default file buffer size for streams is 16384. This is sufficient for most streams regardless of platform, as the main constraint on streams is disk I/O, not file buffer size.

The ideal size of a fixed size memory pool will depend entirely on the unique content, behavior, and requirements of your game project: The more assets your game needs to load into memory at once, the more memory FMOD will need. As we are not familiar with the unique requirements of your game project, we cannot know what memory pool size would be appropriate, beyond “high enough that you don’t run out, and low enough that it doesn’t exceed your game’s audio memory budget.”

Our advice for using streams is the same for all platforms: Use them sparingly, ideally only for one asset at a time. Streaming your game’s dialogue or music is often a good choice, provided your game does not play multiple pieces of music or dialogue simultaneously. Every playing stream requires constant disk I/O to function, and disk I/O is a constrained resource on every platform. If there is not enough disk I/O available to support a playing stream (either because too many streams are playing simultaneously or because the disk is unavailable for other reasons), the stream will rapidly run out of buffered samples and begin to stutter.