Real Channel Count


I’m working on a 12-player multiplayer game in Unreal which is quite frantic and there’s currently a lot of voices being triggered in the game. I’m struggling to calibrate the max instances / stealing methods to avoid sounds cutting out and interrupting each other in a bad way. At the moment when everyone is firing their weapons it causes choppy sound and does not prioritise things well.

I notice in the Unreal Project Settings there is a “Real Channel Count” which appears to default to 64. Is it advisable to try and keep this at 64, or would a higher value likely be acceptable for a multiplayer game? I’m just kind of guessing at the moment, so it would be good if anyone could advise some general ‘best practices’ in this area.

Thanks in advance,


The recommended voice counts for a number of platforms can be found here:
These values are recommendations only; if your target platforms can handle larger channel counts, and you are willing to accept the increased resource requirements that result, you’re free to set your game’s channel count higher.