Snapshots Trigger in Unity

Hello, so first of all let me introduce myself , my name is Skander Bouker.

I am the sound designer of the Wrashamllows game which is under development .

I need help with FMOD snapshots, currently I am working on the slow motion effect, when the player shoots a ball that passes very close to another player the slow motion effect is activated.

The time decreases and logically it affects the sound of the games with a slow motion effect,

I managed to do it using the sound manager of Unity but since I am not a developer it was a bit complicated to do it.

So now I switch to fmod with the sounds that go with it, and I will need a simple and efficient method to trigger my FMOD snapshots on the games in unity.

Best regards

Skander Bouker

Under the hood, snapshots are events, and so an instance of a snapshot can be triggered in Unity in exactly the same way you’d trigger an instance of an event.

Specifically, snapshots can be triggered in Unity by triggering them from Unity timelines or by playing them using Studio event emitters.