Best way to limit vulome when multiple instances of events (oneshot) triggered simultaneous

I have a destruction event that plays an explosion sound when an enemy is destroyed. If I have an AOE weapon that destroys a lot simultaneously, that’s a whole lot of noises! What’s the best way to cap the amount of noise being generated? Is there something like a ‘max number of simultaneous plays’ setting that can cap these explosions to at most 5 OneShot calls at a time?

You can limit the number of instances, either of the event itself, or the bus group. The stealing mode should probably be set on “none”. If the sounds aren’t exactly synchronized, you also could set a short cooldown on the event or the bus. Another option is to add a compressor on the bus.

Cheers. I’ve implemented an instance cap and it sounds okay at the moment. I’m a little suspicious that it’ll work in all cases but I can cross that bridge when I come to it. :wink: