Both 3D & 2D audio tracks in the same event?

Hello there,

Is it possible to have audio tracks with the 3D panner and tracks without the 3D panner in the same FMOD event?


I think you could do this by using an embedded event, although I havent tested it, it might use the Master track settings of the parent event.

Ie. create two events, set the master track to 3D on one event and 2D on the other (delete the 3D panner). Using the Event Browser, drag the child event onto a track in the parent event.

Let me know if that works!


This would be the recommended way to do it. A 3d panner can’t be placed on an audio track, only a master track, so an event sound would sort that out. Setting 3d position etc on the event will trickle down to those panners.

Thanks both. Yes this works. I think I’ve now decided that if I’m going to do it this way, I might as well just have separate events anyway! Will be much less messy.