Duplicated event does not work ingame (but in the program)

Hi, i want to have a completely indipendent new event in my game.

For that i duplicated an already existing event “hit” - from the stock game and put it into the same folder “track” as the already existing “hit” event.

I renamed the duplicated event to “damage indicator”, then assigned it, put my recordings into it and then exported everything / copied the GUID’s and banks into the game.

When im in the fmod program, the sounds play flawlessly and do what i want.

But now in the game, the sounds cant be heard.

On the other hand, when i put the sounds into the event “hit” from the stock game and make a new audio line “audio 2” for it , the sounds can be heard in the game and work flawlessly.

But for customisation reasons i need them to be in the new event “damage indicator”.

Any fix for that?

P.S. thanks for all ur help, i appreciate a lot!
And i learned a lot since i found this forum. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we no longer support the older version of FMOD that you’re using, so I can’t really be of any help. Given that you’re modding Assetto Corsa, I would recommend getting in touch with the AC modding community and seeing whether they can assist you.