Buffer output

Hi! I’m new here and looking into using FMOD with Gamemaker Studio (GMS).

I would like to know if it’s possible to have the FMOD output written to buffers that I can play back using the audio engine in GMS? I can set up an audio queue in GMS where I queue audio buffers to be played. I have used this system with chiptune libraries like libmodplug and game_music_emu where the output is written in “chunks” (small buffers).

FMOD would be inside a dll that is used by the GMS project.

Is this possible and how could I achieve this in that case? Thanks a lot in advance for any insight!

Hi Mikael,

This would require you to create your own custom output plugin. I would recommend taking a look into the FMOD_OUTPUT_DESCRIPTION structure. You can check out the custom DSP examples in the API installation as it would be developed quite similarly.