FMOD Effect Module style plugin output playback messed up


I work on a FMOD DSP plugin which does its own audio processing and has its own audio output playback without using the default FMOD audio output. I did the process in the DSP read callback and set the output buffer to 0 to make sure no data is sent to the default FMOD output buffer. I noticed the FMOD default playback is being triggered during play if the stop button is not hit before the play button. From the console log message: 14:48:02 “API-Error [in assert, file c:\jk\workspace\Build__1.6rel__Studio_Win\lowlevel_api\src\fmod_dspi.cpp, line 1615]:assertion: ‘result == FMOD_OK’ failed” [#2103 times]

The default FMOD output is not triggered only if the stop button is pushed before the play button. No assertion log pops up in this case.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? The output buffer is set to 0, so there should not be any FMOD output meter activity.

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I found out the issue. The output buffer was not set to 0 when our DSP module returned an error. So you see the default FMOD ouput meter flashing.


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