BUG Loop transition fading out a multi instrument


I figured out a bug happening on FMOD 2.01.11 (and also 2.01.16, as I tested to see if it was fixed) with loop transitions involving a multi-instrument at the destination.
If the multi-instrument has a fade-out like this, you’ll hear the destination with a fade-out.
This is how it’s configured:
This what you’ll hear:

I hope that’s enough info to solve the bug!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this bug. Unfortunately, we’re not totally sure we understand the issue you’re describing.

You mention that the issue occurs when an instrument has a fade-out curve, but the screenshot you provided shows an instrument with a fade-in curve. Did you mean to say “fade-in” instead “fade-out” one or both times, and if so, which?

Could you describe in more detail the behavior you’re experiencing, and how it differs from what you expect? Why do you expect a fade-out (or fade-in) to not be audible if a fade-out (or fade-in) exists?

@joseph Sorry, I meant fade-in on “you’ll hear the destination…”.

I realized now the pictures aren’t telling much… sorry about that!

The issue I’m having is within a loop transition when there’s a multi-instrument at the destination containing a fade-out. What I expect to hear is simply the sound of the multi-instrument at the time of the destination with a fade-out at the end, but what I’m hearing is the multi-instrument fading in while plays at the destination and then fading out as expected.

Let me know if you understood and, if not, I could try to record a video.

Does the multi instrument have an AHDSR modulator?

No. It’s just the fade-in in the arrangement view.
I also discovered that this also happens with single-instruments as well.

Thanks for reporting this behavior to us. This is a bug caused by how we handle fade curves (under-the-hood, they’re a form of automation, and automation is ramped on transition timelines) and so affect all instruments that produce audio signals. It’s already present on our bug tracker.

For now, you can work around this issue by doing the following two steps:

  1. Select the instrument and toggle on its cut button in the deck. This ensures that it will stop entirely once it is untriggered.
  2. Replace the fade-out curve with an automation curve on the instrument’s volume, and manually adjust the section of curse that appears inside the transition timeline to ensure that it instantly jumps to 0 dB at the start of the transition timeline instead of ramping up to full volume from -oo dB.