Instrument fading in on transition where there is no fade


I have a region that loops made up of various instruments. When first playing region the first instruments play as they should. On repeating, using a transition of 2 bars with no fade-in on the instruments, the instruments are fading in during the transition…

No ADSR set ups, no volume automations (in or outside of the transition). No instrument fading out during the transition either. If I reduce the transition to instantaneous (i.e. 0 bars) it works fine.

Turning on async for the instrument makes no difference.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?!

Im on 2.02.15

Any help or workaround would be much appreciated. I have seen the other post about how isntrument fades and volume automations basically control same thing. As I have neither of those going on, that doesnt help!


You mention that the transition is two bars. Do you mean that there’s a transition timeline? If so, does the fade-in occur while the playback position is inside the transition timeline, or after leaving it? If it occurs during the transition timeline, does the transition timeline have any source or destination regions, and if so, do those regions feature fade curves?