Unwanted fade in at loop transition


I’m noticing that when testing loop transitions, there are some tracks that are playing the destination with a fade-in, even if I don’t set them to happen.
I recorded a video to show: 2022-03-15 18-22-14

Am I missing something?

The cause of the behavior you’re seeing is the fade-out curve visible on the multi instrument in that video. You can work around the issue by replacing that fade-out curve with automation on that instrument’s volume and adding appropriate automation points to the section of the curve inside the transition timeline.

Under-the-hood, instrument fade curves work the same way as volume automation: They define parameter values at which the instrument’s volume is adjusted by varying amounts. Also like automation, they are in effect over the full length of the parameter that triggers the instrument, not just the section of the parameter on which the fade curve is drawn. This means that for the entire length of the timeline to the left of the fade-out curve in your project, the volume of that instrument is being adjusted to 0 dB; and for the entire length of the timeline to the right of the fade-out curve, the volume is being adjusted to -oo dB.

This is significant because of the way transition timelines interact with automation and face curves. When the value of a property due to automation (or a fade curve) is different at the source of a transition timeline compared to the destination, the value of the property is ramped over the length of the transition timeline from the value it has at the transition timeline’s source to the value it has at the transition timeline’s destination, in order to prevent an abrupt jump in value at the start or end of the transition. In the case of automation curves, this ramp can be overridden by adding automation points to the section of the automation curve that appears inside the transition timeline; but in the case of fade curves, there is no way to override this behavior.

The way to work around this limitation, therefore, is to replace the fade-out curve with automation on the volume of the event. This will allow you to define exactly how the volume of the instrument changes within the transition timeline, so that you can remove the unwanted fade-in.