Multi Instrument loops + transitions not working


I haven’t used FMOD in a while and I’m a bit confused, so here is what I’m trying to achieve:

Phase 1 (loop) > Transition 1 (once) > Phase 2 (loop) > Transition 2 (once) > Phase 3 (loop)

A parameter “team_score” goes from 0 to 100 during the game. Between 0-50%, I want phase 1 to loop. Then when 50% is reached there is a first transition. Then phase 2 loops until players reach 90% calling transition 2 and eventually phase 3 loops until the end of the game.

Now my problem is:
–> If multi instrument is sync: transition is great but loop is bad (there’s a break at the end of the files, as if the algorithm was late choosing the next cue to play).

–> If multi instrument is async: loop is flawless, but transitions don’t work properly because the previous phase keeps playing during the transition. The loop should break but doesn’t.

So no matter what I try (transition region, transition marker, sync, async…) I never get the flawless result I need and I don’t understand why.

Hi, I am also really struggling with this. I am trying to smoothly use a transition/stinger to get from Phase 1 to Phase 2. However what happens with my current setup is it jumps to the transition, killing the phase 1 music, playing the transition, then starting phase 2. What I want the transition to do is overlap with the Phase 1 music then for Phase 2 to start 2 bars after so that it comes in as the transition hits on the beat.

Does this make sense?

I’m sorry, I actually ended up finding the answer.
I added an AHDSR on the multi instrument and set the attack and release properties to 0.

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Hello Llilyh,

You can also enable the “Cut” property on the multi instrument for the same effect. An AHDSR modulator would also work too if you want more control over cross fading.


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