[BUG] Max distance automation is disabled in

We don’t know why, but whe can’t automate the max distance parameter of the attenuation in fmod
Now we know that we cannot automate this parameter since
In it’s fine.
Do you know anything about it? It’s pretty urgent for us.
Thank you in advance.



Being able to automate the min/max distance was actually a bug that was fixed in 2.00.06. You can disable the distance attenuation (set it to “Off”) and then automate the master track’s volume fader via a built-in Distance parameter.

I’m in the same situation here, being able to automate max and min distance via global parameters was really convenient way to change or switch attenuation for thousands of events, now it’s gone and i can’t even imagine how to fix this fast in our production pipeline.
Please consider returning this “bug” as a core feature, because it’s incredibly useful.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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The scheme suggested is not actually doing the same - it will not consider the attenuation curves for each separate event.
For my top-down project with dynamic camera this “bug” is also important, please return it back as a feature! Since FMOD sources are not publicly available, it’s not possible to make a custom patch…


This “bug” was a complete and necessary function. Please return this function. The circuit you proposed above does not work properly.

I should clarify - the way that you were able to automate the min/max distance attenuation was a bug. In its previous state, it was possible for the max distance to be less than the min distance, which along with some other issues that were fixed, could have caused some rather glitchy behaviour.

We have a task for a future update to allow automating the min/max distance in a much more stable way. In the meantime, if you are comfortable with the potential risks, please use versions 2.00.05 or earlier to have this behaviour.


Thanks very much for you response! It’s really important to us, this feature allows us to avoid doubling assets for different game modes. It’ll be really complicated to make switching them during runtime.

Thank you, Richard. Your help is much appreciated ! We are looking forward to the next updates :slight_smile:
Have a nice rest of the day !

Thank you for your help, Richard! We are waiting for new updates.