Issues Automating Spatializer Min/Max Distance in FMOD 2.01.23

Hi guys,

So this is a bit of interesting scenario, granted I am using FMOD 2.01.23 which is a bit older now, I thought that simply right clicking a Spatializer plugin’s mix/max distance slider and choosing ‘Add Automation’ would be a feature, is that not the case in this version of FMOD?

I could have sworn it was a feature before but I’m confused now. Was wanting to automate the max distance scale of a spatializer by a built in paramter effect.

The feature you describe was added in FMOD Studio version 2.02.00. In fact, it’s the first listed change for that version in the revision history. The feature is not present in lower-numbered versions, and so is not present in FMOD Studio version 2.01.23.

Your confusion may stem from the fact that we release patches for multiple major versions of FMOD Studio in parallel, such that FMOD Studio version 2.02.00 was released at the same time as FMOD Studio 2.01.10, and version 2.01.23 was released alongside version 2.02.13 almost a year later.

We do this because many people like to receive bug fixes, but prefer to avoid updates that change in-game behavior or bank format when they’re part-way through a game project. Thus, the middle pair of digits in FMOD Studio’s version number (the “01” in “2.01.23”) is the major version number, while the last two digits (the “23”) is the patch version number: Patch versions only ever include bug fixes and improvements that do not alter bank format or in-game behavior, whereas new major versions can include new features that change in-game behavior or bank format.

The ability to automate spatializer min/max distance requires changes to both in-game behavior and to the format of bank files, and so is not found in versions with version numbers lower than 2.02.00, even if they were released later than version 2.02.00.

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