[Bug Report] Fmod sequencer integration not working in UE4.26.1


It looks like the sequencer integration does not work anymore: an event spawned in the sequence will play at begin play, and beginning of the sequence and not when actually triggered.
Also, there’s not more the decision between “play” and “trigger”:
2021-02-14 21_54_10-Sequencer


Thanks for reporting this, I’ve added an issue to our bug tracker to have this fixed.

Hello! do you have any news on this issue?

I have the same issue. Any information on when a hotfix will be released?

We are working on a fix for this for our next release, due early March.

I’ve got a demo to be completed in the next few days: do you think you could release it sooner on github?

We will push the fix to GitHub as soon as it’s done but we can’t make any promises about when that will be.