Playback fmod audio components during sequencer previewing

Hi, very symple question: how to play sound in the sequencer timeline, without play the game? i just need to see the sequence and ear sound during preview.


Unfortunately, there’s currently a known issue that causes FMOD Audio Components and events to not play properly in the sequencer. To identify whether this issue is affecting you or not, can I get the exact versions of FMOD Unreal and UE that you’re using?

Just to follow up on this - were you able to find a way to play from the sequencer timeline without issue? If not, could you please let me know which version of Unreal Engine and the FMOD Unreal integration you’re using?

Hello! I have the same problem. My FMOD plugin version is 2.02.19. UE 5.3

I updated the plugin for unreal, removed these folders inside fmod_project directory: .user .unsaved .cache
Also removed unreal folders: project/ddc, intermediate, binaries
Build FMOD banks: open FMOD project and press F7
And my problem resolved.