Bug with action sheet and silent instrument

This kind of event behaves incorrectly:

The C action (whatever it is) happens immediately, as if the silence instrument wouldn’t exist.
It works fine in FMOD studio, but incorrectly in game.

Has someone been able to replicate my bug, or would you like a file share?

I hve not been able to reproduce this issue in FMOD Studio 2.02.09. What is the silence instrument’s duration and what version of FMOD Studio are you using?

I’m using FMOD Studio 2.02.06, in Moai 1.75.

Ok, I’ve narrowed the bug.
I’ve tested this :
The 2 “flesh stab” should be heard one after another, with the silence instrument between. If you add a command instrument in-between (as I did here), with any parameter set (linked to a real existing parameter), the timing of the silence instrument is incorrect in game. For instance, in my test, 5s is reduced to 1s approximately.

Our integration of FMOD in Moai is custom, and incomplete. But I have doubts how this bug could be related to this custom integration. I’ll try on EU4, though, if you’re still not able to reproduce it.

I’ve tested the exact same bank in UE4 and the bug doesn’t happen (at least in the editor). This is a really strange bug. I know you can’t support custom integration like ours, but what could cause this command instrument to impact the length of the silent instrument?

This sounds exactly like a bug that was fixed in 2.02.02:

Studio API - Fixed issue where silence instruments placed after a set parameter command instrument would be skipped.

Can you please confirm that your custom integration is using the latest version of the FMOD API as well?

Indeed, this sounds exactly like this! I will ask the dev, for the FMOD API, but I’m pretty sure he only updated to the last major version (2.02.00). Thanks!