Command Instruments Set Parameter Playing Early

I’m testing potential adaptive soundtrack setups. In this instance I have put different musical phrases into the sheet of a discrete parameter and use command instruments to trigger them by use of “Set Parameter” functionality.

However, when I do this, the parameter change is occurring before the playback head in the timeline has reached it. Approximately 200-250ms too early. This affects the synchronicity of the phrases that are dependent on it.

What can I do to prevent this preemptively playing?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior; when I test here, command instruments trigger when they’re overlapped by the playback position, and not before.

Do other instruments exhibit this behavior, or is it only command instruments?

Have you considered applying quanitzation or a delay to the instruments whose playback you want to happen at a specific time? Given that you’re using this feature for music, I imagine the event must have a tempo you could use for quantization.

It seems only to be command instruments and it varies on the length of the command instrument.

The event does have a tempo, but quantization delays until the next beat, not the one that the instruments are placed on. I zoomed in as far as I could go, it’s definitely on grid.

Unfortunately, we’re still not able to reproduce this issue. It’s possible that I’m misunderstanding some detail of your setup, or that I’ve done something slightly differently. Are you able to upload a video that demonstrates the issue occurring, or a copy of your project for us to inspect?

Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, even when imitating the content that’s visible in that video, the issue still doesn’t appear to occur when I try to reproduce it here. It’s possible that there’s some unique feature of your project not shown in the video that’s responsible, or that the issue only occurs in some version of FMOD Studio. Are you able to upload a project for us to inspect? And which version of FMOD Studio are you using?