Build platforms aren't showing up in FMOD Studio

Hey guys,
I’m only seeing the Desktop SKU when I am in the Build settings in Preferences. I tried installing Studio first, then the platform SDKs as well as going the other way. I have approval for the platforms (I wouldn’t be able to download the SDKs :slight_smile: ).

Let me know what I am doing wrong!


Hi Matt,

Just to clarify, do you mean build platforms listed in the “Project platforms” area of the Build settings in the Preferences menu? You can add additional build platforms by right slicking on the area and selecting the platform(s) of choice. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding your issue.

Weird. Reinstalling totally fixed this. Right-clicking just about anywhere wasn’t working. I’ll chalk this up to a strange install on my side. THANK YOU!

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No problem! Not being able to right click is definitely a cause for concern though, so if you run into the issue again (or any other issues) feel free to reach out.