Build Stereo vs Surround

Hi there. Ive been looking for ways to reduce the bank size of my game. And as im using only Stereo assets, i tryed to change de surround speaker mode to Stereo, but i found the build size is the same.

Also, when i record with the profiler i get 5 channels wavs.

So the question is.

1- How do i change my project settings to use Stereo as default.
2- How does the bank build works in terms of channel count when the assets/events are stereo? Does FMOD automaticaly create a stereo bank even if the surrround mode is set to 5.1? Is that why i dont see any change on the bank size?

Building banks doesn’t affect the channel count of the individual assets. They’ll always have the same channels as their raw audio file. The speaker mode only affects the up/downmix of the spatializer.

You need to change the encoder settings in the Edit > Preferences > Build > Platform section. Quality and sample rate will be the main contributors to bank size.