Bus.setVolume() FMOD-Unity

Good morning everyone!

I’m trying to use Bus.setVOlume () and I can’t quite understand it.

When I have a bus in FMOD in -infinite and in unity by code I do:

bus.setVolume (-80)

It’s like the bus is on, and when I do:

bus.setVOlume (0)

The bus stops being heard.

Instead with this method:

private float DecibelToLinear (float db)
float linear = Mathf.Pow (10.0f, db / 20f);
return linear;

I get the bus to do what I want as long as in FMOD the bus fader is equal to 0 or an audible amount.

Can someone clarify this for me? and what is the easiest way to modify the volume of the buses?

thanks for everything.

All setVolume() functions use a linear 0-1 range. 1 being 100% volume and 0 being muted.

The function you have to convert decibels to linear will help get the correct value you want.

Another way you might consider is to utilize global parameters or snapshots to automate the bus faders.