How does the "Bus Set Fader Level"-node work?

(Pablo Sorribes Bernhard) #1

Hi everyone!
How do the “Bus Set Fader Level”-nodes in Unreal Engine 4 work? What values are recommended as input values? How do these values affect the fader level in FMOD? It’s pretty unclear so far.


Pablo Sorribes Bernhard

(Geoff Carlton) #2

That node sets the volume on a Studio bus. The input is a linear value where 0 is silent and 1 is the normal volume.

The final volume of the bus is a combination of the value set in Studio, any automations, and the runtime volume set via that function. So if a bus is set up in Studio with a very quiet level and you set 1.0 in this function, the result will be an unchanged quiet bus volume.

(Pablo Sorribes Bernhard) #3

Thanks! That clarified a lot.
Do you guys have some documentation on what each FMOD-Node/Function in UE4 does and how it works (as in this case), which is accessible to the public? If so, I’d very much appreciate a link for it, since I could look up these things myself instead of bothering you guys. And if you don’t have one, please consider making a wiki where you list all the nodes with descriptions and update them when needed.


Pablo Sorribes Bernhard

(Geoff Carlton) #4

That is a good idea, we don’t have any reference documentation for Blueprint. It would be nice to have that as part of our online docs.

(JB) #5

Any update on this?

(Geoff Carlton) #6

Hi, as a “nice to have”, I’m sorry to say this still hasn’t been done yet. I don’t have an ETA on it at this time.