C++ VS Code set-up on Mac

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Hi, im having lot of problems setting my Vs Code project to work with FMOD plugin.
I have followed every step on the guide (https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-ue4?version=2.00&page=user-guide.html), but can’t get to #include "FMODEvent.h" . No matter the include paths i set i always get the error squiggle
cannot open source file "FMODEvent.h"C/C++(1696)

Will appreciate any help and i think that maybe doing a step by step guide for Mac users and Vs Code would be awesome.

I’m using UE v4.26.2 with 2.01.09 plugin for 4.26 Mac version, installed on game plugins folder.
Thanks in advance

With this error, it is likely that you haven’t added “FMODStudio” to PrivateDependencyModuleNames inside Source/<project_name>/<project_name>.Build.cs file. As per the user guide, please ensure you have the following line in your .Build.cs file:

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "FMODStudio" });

and then recompile. You will likely need to refresh your project and reopen to resume normal use inside VS Code. Thanks for the User Guide feedback, we are currently updating a lot of the UE docs so I’ll see if we can integrate your suggestion.
Let me know if you are still getting any errors and I’ll investigate further.

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Thanks ! That solves my issue, i couldnt get to find where to put that line. Thanks !