Plugin FMODStudio failed to load because module FMODStudio could not be found

Hi I am having this problem that I can’t make a successful package because this message appears:

This is happening to me in Mac and windows.
I am using Unreal engine 4.26.2 and Fmod 2.01.10.
please I need to solve this for a school project.
Thank you

Looks like you have missed a step somewhere, watch Valkyrie Sounds video on how to set FMOD for UE4. UE4 and FMOD: Starting Out - YouTube

I dont know man I have seen that video and I have tried in many ways

I remember this message appeared when the project was blueprint only, I don’t know if it has been solved since then. The solution was to include an empty C++ class in the project.

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Wow… it work, thanks a lot dude.

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