Calling existing events with parameters


I’m new to Studio.

I notice that within a parameter you can add a NEW event module.
I’m wondering if you can link a parameter to an EXISTING event?

If so, is there any way (even using an additional parameter) to fire off a random event from a specified list of existing events?


Hi TriGun,

You can create an “referenced event” by opening the Event Browser window (Ctrl + 4), and dragging it on to the track.

While it is possible to reference existing events, it’s not currently possible to add event reference sound modules to a multi sound module. We’ve been meaning to add that feature for a while.

Until we do find time to add that feature, there’s another option. First, create an event sound and give it a single parameter. In the parent event, add a randomization modulator to that parameter, so that whenever the event sound is triggered, its parameter value is randomized. Then, on that parameter, lay out reference modules for the existing events you want to randomize between. (Make sure not to leave gaps or have overlap unless you you have some reason to want that.)

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. That would allow me to “weight” the events by giving them different widths if I want some events to fire more frequently than others.