Multisound Index Reference

Just wondering if there is a way I can reference a list inside a multi?

I see that there are now “A”, “B”,“C” etc. next to each sound in a multi. Would love to be able to use this “A” to tell the mutli to play this sample in this instance.
List view.


There is no way to reference a specific entry of a multi sound module’s playlist, because that is not what multi sound modules are designed for. Multi sound modules are designed to provide unpredictable variation by treating all entries in their playlists as equally desirable.

If you want to specify which files play at which times, I recommend using timeline logic, sound module trigger conditions, separate events, programmer sound modules, nested events, or parameter-triggered single sound modules, all of which can provide the degree of control you describe.

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Hey Joe,

Yeah that’s exactly what I do currently, but the current method of dragging 100 clips into a parameter to align them to a reference corresponding to a 1-100 parameter value list is insanely cumbersome.

Here’s my current method for making a “list” styled parameter controlled set of clips.

  1. Create an event
  2. Create a parameter called “List_Reference” and make sure there is 1 extra parameter value than audio clips required.
  3. Select all the required list items from the audio bin, and drag them into the timeline (creating a multi)
  4. Select the Multi, and then select all the clips in it.
  5. Copy the selected items
  6. Scale the parameter tab and make sure the play head is at the start
  7. Alt+Scroll the view window so that the view shows 0.5 increment values
  8. Select the track you want to paste the clips into.
  9. Paste the clips.

Now the clips are snapped to parameter values of increments of 1.

This also only works if your list is in REVERSE, because no matter how you select the audio clips from the multi, they paste in reverse order.

Is there an easier/more straight forward/less time consuming way of achieving this on a large scale?

The feature i’d like would alleviate this entire process, which would be able to access a list in a container in the order that it appears. Think of it as a list event. The Parameter would be a built in parameter and simple AF.

Have you considered using programmer sound modules? For that matter, is there any particular reason why the sound files all have to be in the same event? Putting each sound file in its own event would eliminate the need to lay them all out along a parameter.

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