Can 3rd party users use Fmod studio to create musical content packs for our software?


We’re releasing a multimedia A/V performance application this year, for which we want to encourage our 3rd party users to create music/sound content packs, using FMOD Studio. Obviously we use FMOD internally to load these.

Those 3rd parties will only ever use the FMOD Studio binary, with a template project we will have shared with them.

Can they then distribute these sound packs freely, and perhaps also charge for them?

Likely I’d say your license can be interpreted to permit this - none of those packs will ever have a development budget of anywhere near $500K.

But, it is worth having asked for this clarification nonetheless.

Thank you for a great library!

Hi Ilias,

It would be best to check with our sales team. Could you please contact to ask this question?


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