Licensing- can i use fmod studio for linear content?

while I am fully aware that fmod is intended for non-linear content, like games, I am wondering if it is possible to use it for linear content. (like YouTube videos)

I assume that if I use an external audio-routing program to “record” fmod’s output in some way, I should be fine to use the audio in video content without paying an extra fee or anything, provided all the individual audio clips are also licensed correctly for me to use (sound effects etc.)

I come to this conclusion because, unlike using it in a game engine, end-users aren’t going to be running fmod technology on their machine in any way when enjoying the content, since it is a pre-recording. also due to the fact that many games that have been posted on Youtube use fmod, and so it logically follows that fmod’s outputted audio is in those videos with no need for a license.

However, I vaguely remember emailing about this in the distant past and being told there was some kind of ludicrous fee to use fmod studio for linear content. The fees and licenses have changed a bit though since then, so I am wondering what the case is these days.

Hi ,
Techically we only license the ‘FMOD Engine’, or the runtime. The FMOD Studio tool is free to use and create content on for any purpose (so content producers / sound designers / musicians dont need to get a license).

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