Using FMOD as a DAW without actual integration into Unity

Years ago I started to use FMOD studio integrated into Unity and I really loved the workflow of FMOD Studio, it’s a very powerful tool for authoring audio effects for videogames.
I learned a lot about audio in Unity and in game in general, and decided for my current project that I don’t need FMOD middleware — even though the sound design is a very important part of the game, I don’t need even a tenth of what FMOD presents. It’s a powerful AAA tool which my small indie game won’t give it justice.
Right now I’m using a combination of Audacity with Cantabile VST host to record sounds, and it’s a pretty neat workflow, but FMOD Studio’s workflow is a lot better and useful. Don’t even get me started on how Audacity stores its project files, it’s not very reliable, so I tend to record sounds, save them as .wav sounds and then layer in Audacity and export the completed sound into .wav, without creating project files and such.
Recently I remembered about FMOD Studio and I’m thinking — can I legally use it to creat sound effects, record them into Audacity and use exported files in my game without FMOD middleware? What does the license agreement say about his (I’m not very good with laws and such and the license agreement is huge). Can I just place “Powered by FMOD” message in the beginning of my game if I use FMOD Studio, but not FMOD middleware, in the game? Or is it all illegal and I should just stick to layering audio files in Audacity?

Sorry, I’m dumb, it’s in the beginning of eula:

FMOD Studio Authoring Tool is used to create content for use with the FMOD Studio Engine only;

Oh well

As you’ve found in the EULA, we don’t allow FMOD Studio to be used for exporting/creating static audio files. If your indie game studio is worried about the cost of using FMOD Studio in their game, please feel free to point them to our indie licensing page