Can a fade out be added to a sound that's been stopped due to a polyphony count?

When a sound is stopped (or stolen) due to polyphony count with a “Steal Oldest” instruction, does that “oldest” sound simply stop immediately when the newest sound is triggered? And if so, is there a way to add a fade out?


You have a single FMOD Event with a Mult Sound containing several variations of 10-second long gun shots.
You allow a Polyphony count of 2 with a “Steal Oldest” instruction.
Three shots are fired within 5 seconds. When the 3rd shot plays, will FMOD abruptly stop the 1st shot? And if so, can a fade out be added to the stopped sound?

I think I recall this functionality existing in FMOD Designer, but it’s been awhile, so maybe I’m making that up.

Yes, FMOD Studio will immediately stop the oldest still-playing instance of the instrument. There is no ability to add a fadeout, as the purpose of this feature is to strictly limit the number of voices and a fadeout would prohibit that.

FMOD Designer did not support polyphony limits for sound def instances.