Can I link multiple channels to a single sound? (netstreams)

I am currently working on a system that will allow us to have positional streaming of netstreams in our game. An example of this would be an alarm clock by the side of the bed that is streaming a radio station. This works fine, but the issue I am tackling now is if I have a room and in each corner, is a speaker and each speaker is playing the same netstream. If I simply create a new sound object and channel for each speaker, the stream will play for each speaker but not in sync as they are all separate instances of the stream.

So my question is, is there a way that I can load the netstream only once and then create a channel for each in-world speaker that references back to the single instance of the netstream? I’m hoping I am simply overlooking something, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Keep the netstream as a 2D channel, then manually create two 3D panner DSP’s and connect them to the channel head.

                            +---- [ 3D Panner ] -----+
                           /                          \
 [ channel group tail ] --<                            >---- [ 2D channel head ] ----- [ stream source ]
                           \                          /
                            +---- [ 3D Panner ] -----+