Playing one FMOD::Sound object at the same time with multiple FMOD::Channel?


I’ve got for example, a lot of lanterns, that needs to play a looping ambient fire-sound effect.
I’ve got one FMOD::Sound object for each sound effect currently.
But I’ve noticed that only one of the fire-sounds are active at once. (the last created).

So I guess I have to make load a new FMOD::Sound object for EACH lantern?
It seems a bit wrong, is there a better way to do it?
I can’t find a clone() function of any kind. Which forces me to actually CreateSound() from file for each lantern. Which seems a bit weird to me.

Am missing something?


Are you using FMOD_CREATESTREAM or System::createStream? Streams can only play one at a time.
You should use FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDSAMPLE or FMOD_CREATESAMPLE if you want normal SFX that can play multiple times at once.