Can I please receive pdb files?

I’ve read several posts on forum regarding banklookup generation warnings but we still encounter this issue. This is a problem because Unreal tends to ask to add newly generated file to the repo and we have 2 dozens of people that can potentially allow it. We don’t use the localization at all both in fmod project configuration and in fmod unreal configuration. I would like to debug the code and see why does fmod insist to rebuild the banklookup.asset.

What version of the FMOD Unreal integration are you using?
We fixed the issue with BankLookup.uasset being rebuilt every time the editor opens in 2.01.14/2.02.05.
The two warnings about things not being initialized properly will be fixed in an upcoming release, in the meantime there is a workaround here ObjectProperty FFMODLocalizedBankTable::Banks is not initialized properly error (not using localization at all) [UE5] - #6 by chickendipper

We use 2.02.07. The problem is that banklookup shows up in editor and wants to be saved which inflicts being added to repo and soon everyone needs to cope with checking out file/making in writeable. I thought UE5 might change that behaviour but people report it still gets back. .ignore file doesn’t work in Unreal Integration.

Thank you for the additional information, I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue and am finding BankLookup.uasset isn’t being regenerated unnecessarily in UE5 with the FMOD 2.02.07. And as I mentioned those warnings won’t be appearing for much longer, and ought to be unrelated to BankLookup.uasset regenerating itself.
I will check with the support team to see if we can send you the pdb files as requested.

Hi @ZimaXXX, I have uploaded the PDB zip to the uploads section of your user profile.

Thank you!