Can i set EventInstance Callback with Class::Function?

I store some eventinstance when a event is played and I want remove them from TMap when the instance is destored.
I found EventInstance::setCallback() function, but it cannot use like this:
even though this CLASS::FUNCTION 's type is
Is there any way i can bind a class function with a eventinstance callback?
Thank you.

In order to set a function as a callback, it needs to be a non-member function, or a static member function. However, instead of setting a static member function as a callback to access your TMap, I’d recommend instead passing a pointer to your TMap to the event instance as user data by using Studio::EventInstance::setUserData, and then retrieving it in the callback using Studio::EventInstance::getUserData.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your help.
Cause I store this map in lua and it’s a little trouble getting Key by value, so I decide use a timer to check it.
Anyway thank you for your help.
If my method is apperance bad, I will think what you said.