Can it be used in an OpenSource MIT project?


we are planning to use it in a Opensource MIT project. The project is for a not for profit app. Does the license allow us to do it ?


As long as the project is no revenue (profit or loss is not relevant), it is available to be used for free under non commercial license.
The FMOD Free Indie license allows game projects to use FMOD if the project is <$600k USD in budget, and the creators are not making more than $200k USD in revenue (total business revenue not just game revenue)

thanks. As we plan to add it to an open source with MIT license, is there any license that we should add to the project so that other people will not make profits from it ?

Hi, you can add the FMOD EULA text file to your project, which outlies how the fmod libraries can be used. It can be found as LICENSE.txt in the FMOD programmers api distribution.

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