FMOD Indie Licence

Ages ago I heard that FMOD changed their licencing so that it was free for indies if your project earned under a specific amount. But from looking at the licencing page it doesn’t look free to me.

This specific section says $2,000 per project.

But if you google “FMOD free for indies” you find tons of articles and videos saying that the software is free. Example: Small developers and creators can now use FMOD Studio for free

Just wondering if maybe the policy changed or if I am missing something?


You just have to click the link in your screenshot

Lol wups. I should of been more observative.

The main reason I was asking, was because I was at a games meetup in Melbourne a month or so ago and spoke to about 4 sound designers who said they weren’t using FMOD on their project cause the dev team couldn’t afford the licence. Which I thought was odd cause I heard it was free for small indie teams.

So I guess I am not the only one who has missed that little note link.

I understand that could be hard to parse… i’ve updated the text on the page to say ‘Free or $2000’, so that you’d probably be more inclined to click the details link to find out the conditions.

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