Can modulation be saved in a default state?

This is a common feature in other DAWs, like how Ableton Live has “Save as Default Preset”. I can hear this being broadly useful for many FMOD customers.

What I’d like to do is along the lines of this:

  • Every time I Add Modulation > Random to a Pitch event, I want it to default to 2 semitones. Which would save me the repeated steps of changing to move it up from 0 each time.
  • Every time I Add Modulation > LFO to an event in general, I want it to default to Noise (Ramped) and other things, not “Sine”.

Right now I can copypaste modulations, true. But it’d save more steps.

Maybe there’s some xml file I can edit in the meantime?

I can see how being able to set the default property values to be used by new modulators would be useful. I’ll add your suggestion to our feature and improvement tracker.

Unfortunately not. The default property values of modulators aren’t stored in xml format, or any similar user-editable format.

There’s no easy workaround for modulators on instrument or event properties, but you may be able to save some time and effort when placing modulators on the properties of effects by using presets. A modulator on the properties of a preset effect is treated as part of that preset effect, meaning that its property values will be the same for every effect that’s based on that preset effect.

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@joseph THANKS for letting us know. It’d be a big timesaver, who else here feels that it’s getting repetitive to have to set the same values and over and over? :rofl:

I acknowledge I’m using presets to the max (big fan of them), and I tend to latch onto whatever reusable workflow stuff your team makes available.