Event editor settings (track size, parameters values...) not saved

Hi, this is a topic that has been brought up already (Bug: Event track size not retained after reopening project), but I just wanted to know if it’s something that is planned to be changed.
I might be wrong since I’m still learning fmod, but I see no reason why someone wouldn’t want all their settings in the event editor not to be saved when closing and reopening a project, as it’s quite tedious to resize all the tracks each time or to set some volume parameters (that needs to be defaulted at 0 in game) to 1 in order to be able to work in fmod studio.
Will it stay like this or could those things be saved and reapplied in an upcoming version? (I’m currently on 2.00.05.)

It doesn’t look like this hasn’t been looked at yet. I’ve raised this with our development team for future releases but I can’t guarantee if this will be implemented or not.

Ok, thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Would be cool!