Can nested event(s) output to their source mixer group(s)?

I’m looking to create combi-events that contain existing simple(ish) events, via nesting.
The issue I have is the new parent event re-routes all enclosed event sound/nested events to only one mix group (understandably) …but is there any way to maintain the original events’ mix group(s)?. Thanks.

Hi Ste,

Events triggered from instruments will always route their output into the track that holds the module that triggered them - which means that referenced events always use their parent event’s routing rather than their own.

There is a possible workaround. You can ‘restore’ a nested event’s original routing path by using the Transceiver Effect. However, the limited number of channels available means that you can only do this 31 times times in any given project.

Having events that can trigger other events without becoming part of their routing chain is on our tracker but it’s not scheduled any time soon.


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