Routing nested event through different group

hi all

I\ve seen a mention of this on a post from 2017 and FMOD said then 'its on their tracker"…is it now possible?

Basically, have a large event with an event instrument in it that triggers another event that Id like to go through a different group on the mixer (so I can do side chaining to duck main ambient music volume).

Currently it only plays through its own group if played separaetly…if called by the event instrument in the main event, it goes through it’s routing. Anyway to avoid this? (without limitation in how many times it can be done per project)


You’ll be glad to know that it is possible to achieve behavior you describe in recent versions of FMOD Studio.

Command instruments set to “start event” can be used in place of event instruments. When triggered, such an instrument will spawn an instance of the targeted event that will use its normal routing instead of being routed through the parent event.