Distributing FMOD headers

I’m making a wrapper library around FMOD. Currently I’m not distributing any FMOD headers, shared libraries, etc, but I’d like to distribute the FMOD headers.
Am I allowed to do that?

hi ,
In some cases you can distribute lib/dll and header, just no other files like examples/documentation.

Note that if this is for an engine / toolkit that is intended to used by third parties this is not allowed without the relevant license and permission which you can talk about at sales@fmod.com
The FMOD engine is not supposed to be a stand alone download via a 3rd party and used outside of our licensing model by other users.

I’m not sure I understand?
The engine (libfmod.so/fmod.dll) is not allowed to be distributed, but headers (fmod.h, fmod_common.h) are?

You can distribute fmod dll / so as part of an application.

The headers are part of the SDK, and cannot be distributed. In some cases they can, but require a redistribution license. For open source you would instruct users to download fmod themselves. We do not want recompilable versions of fmod available from non fmod.com sources for quality control/support purposes.