Can you create a Parameter without making it a Preset?

After migrating our FMOD Studio project from 1.09.05 to 1.10 we’re seeing an enormous list of presets. One for each of our event parameters and effects. I had assumed this was just part of the migration process.

However, upon making a new parameter it was automatically added to the ‘Presets Window’. Is this as designed?

It would mean that if an effect or parameter value needed to be changed, even minutely, it would require naming and managing another preset? My original assumption was that presets would be defined by the user.

Let me know if I’m missing something or if a workaround exists!


Hi Alec,

That is by design, all parameters are created as presets.

Parameter values are not shared between parameters in Studio or in game, however the settings of that parameter (eg. initial value, seek speed, velocity, etc.) will be shared. If you don’t wish for these settings to be shared then yes, you will need to create a new parameter preset.

When migrating your project you should be prompted to create presets for identical effects when used in a certain number of places.

Effects can also be decoupled from its preset by right clicking on the effect and selecting “Detach from Preset”.

I hope this helped. Let me know if you need more information.


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