Preset locking?

Is there any way to lock a preset and prevent someone accidentally changing it by editing a preset curve in an event?



There is no way to lock any element of an FMOD Studio project to prevent it from being edited by other people collaborating on the same project. Educating the people you’re collaborating with about how FMOD Studio works is the most reliable solution.

That said, you can detach any parameter in an event from its preset by right-clicking on the parameter name and selecting “Replace with Duplicate” from the context menu. This creates a new preset parameter that is identical to the original, and switches all automation curves in the same event to use the new parameter instead of the original, except for those automation curves that are on properties of preset effects.

You can also detach effects based on presets from those presets by right-clicking on them and selecting “Detach from Preset” from the context menu. This makes the effect in the deck independent of the preset it was previously based on, allowing it (and its automation curves) to be automated independently of that preset effect.

You might also find it useful to hide automation tracks in the editor by right-clicking on the track head and selecting “Hide Automation Track” from the context menu.

A locking feature would be nice thought…

I work off site mainly, and that wasn’t the best response was it…

I always know what write protecting files, tapes, disks, SD cards does, but that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen. Even when you’re working on your own. Having a mix of presets and non-presets, then accidentally editing the wrong thing is quite easy to do, especially when you may be balancing multiple clients and projects on any one day.

I’ve added the ability to lock specific elements of a project to help prevent them from being accidentally edited to our feature/improvement tracker. It will be discussed and potentially scheduled for future development at our next roadmap meeting.

Cool - thanks.

If not locking, then a warning, or something more visible (colour perhaps) to say that you’re editing a preset rather than anything bespoke.

Preset effects are already marked with an arrow-in-a-circle icon, but we could stand to make it more prominent or obvious. Thanks for the suggestion!

Perhaps look at different colouring for the actual value knob, or RTPC curve to show that it’s part of a preset. That may help are the user is actually looking at those - so the knobs/curves are bright green or something :wink: