Change preset parameter values in-game (or change initial parameter value)

FMOD Studio 1.10.01

Now that we have preset parameters, is it possible to make global changes to this preset in-game? By that I mean I have multiple events that use the same parameter; is it possible for the game to just change the parameter preset so that the parameter changes in ALL of the events in which it is contained?

(The parameter is supposed to change depending on what character the player is using, so we want to just set it at the start so all appropriate events reflect the change.)

I guess put another way, is it possible for the game to change the parameter’s initial value?

(Or maybe there’s just an alternative solution altogether so we don’t have to set this extra parameter one every necessary event.)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Thomas,

Preset parameters are not global parameters in game. You would need to set up a global parameter system yourself in game code if you require it. If they are all named the same then you could use setParameterValue on an array of events for something similar.


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