Can you set Programmer Instrument Loop Count to Infinite Or Not Destroy Sound?

Hi there,

I am trying to set programmer instrument to loop infinitely ( basically for it to never destroy itself ).

I was able to set it to max of 1000. Is there any way to make it infinite? Or not to destroy itself?



To set a programmer instrument to loop infinitely, set its play count to 0. This automatically sets it to oo, infinity.

i should mention that if you want an infinitely looping instrument to play forever, you must ensure that it remains triggered. If it is ever untriggered, FMOD will assume you want to stop it, and so will cause the instrument to stop once it finishes playing out its current loop.

Hi there,

I tried setting it to oo before but it only played once. When I set it to 1000, then the looping works.

Currently I am using FMOD Studio 2.02.04

As I mentioned above, for infinite looping to work, you must ensure the instrument remains triggered. That means that for as long as you want the instrument to continue infinitely looping, the playback position must remain over the instrument’s trigger region, and the instrument’s trigger conditions must remain met.

Setting the event to persistent might help too, no ?

No, setting the event to be persistent won’t help in this case.