Async instrument doesn't loop infinitely despite icon saying so?

Here’s a video in which I play event 3 times. First and third time (they are the same) I have looping amount set to infinity, but it doesn’t loop at all. At second time I set it to 20 and it does loop (presumably 20 times) so there’s definitely an issue with this button. Or I don’t understand how it works at all.

The same behavior is observed in the game, so it’s not just FMOD Studio bug.

If I am misunderstanding the situation please advise how can I loop async instrument indefinitely.

hiya, randomly saw this one so might as well answer :slight_smile:
I believe this is intended behaviour. When the looping icon is enabled and set to infinite it will only keep looping when the cursor is over it. If a loop amount is set it will only loop for the maximum of that amount, regardless of if the cursor is on it or not, IF the cut button is not enabled. If cut is enabled it will cut off whenever the cursor is not on the instrument.

You can loop de instrument indefinitely by creating a loop region around it. Right click the instrument and new loop region will make it the exact length of the instrument. If you want the loop to stop when the event is called to stop use transition regions and destination markers like below. Make sure to set the conditions like in the image

That sort of makes sense, thanks. It actually is in the documentation but a bit below “Play Count” section. Probably would be more clear if it was hinted at “Play Count” section too…