Cannot create Logic tracks

I had been using fmod and was able to create logic tracks the usual way with a right click. I named one of them and it jumped out of it and now i cannot make any logic tracks. It’s completely unresponsive to a right click on the logic track
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Fmod, rebooting my computer (iMac M1 2021).
My mouse works as right click functions in other areas of fmod work

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, as it has never been possible to add logic tracks to an FMOD Studio event by right-clicking. To add logic tracks to an event, ensure that the event contains at least two logic markers, then click and drag one of them up or down.

I guess I mean markers on the logic tracks, I cannot make any destination markers, loops etc as i did before with right clicking

In that case, are you viewing a game parameter sheet or the timeline parameter sheet? Logic markers are only available on the timeline, as they would serve no useful function on other parameters.