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We’re using markers to annotate our music tracks, which is used by the game to act on the current state of the music. For example, we have a marker every beat that has the name of the harmony/key of the music. The game then knows that during that beat, when playing a sound, it chooses the variation of that sound that matches the harmony that the marker specifies. Also, each instrument track has its own set of markers etc.

Naturally, this leads to LOTS of markers. When zooming out, the whole viewport is basically white and unreadable, e.g.: https://i.imgur.com/3GWQbud.png

Now the question is - is there a way to quickly toggle markers on/off? Or has somebody an idea for an alternative approach to supply meta data with the music track that doesn’t depend on having hundreds of markers in the FMOD project? I thought about supplying something like the harmony/key data as an additional txt file to the game, but that’s way less intuitive for the composer to maintain…


The “View > Show Marker Lines” menu item (or the “Ctrl+L” keyboard shortcut) can hide and show the vertical lines that extend from each logic marker, which may help with readability.

You can reduce the number of visible logic tracks by clicking and dragging the line between your logic tracks and the event’s track heads. You can also hide all logic tracks by clicking on the logic tracks disclosure triangle, just under the transport bar’s “stop” button.

At the time of writing (July of 2018), there is no way to hide individual logic markers on a case-by-case basis.

I’m not aware of any method of tracking per-beat metadata that’s better than the one you’re using. That said, we’re currently working on “global parameters,” parameters whose current value can be shared by multiple different event instances, as well accessed by your game’s code. A global parameter could potentially be automated from within a music event, and its current value used to track the harmony/key of that music for use in your game’s code.

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Thanks! I have no idea how I could have missed that “Show Marker Lines” feature. I searched all menus and the documentation a couple of weeks ago and somehow didn’t see that.

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