FMOD Studio gets stuck editing one marker and doesn't let me edit any other markers

Hi, I have an issue with the Studio editor which is driving me bananas. For some reason, my editor will get “stuck” on one marker after editing it. Specifically, this seems to happen when setting up a transition timeline on a transition marker. After I create a transition timeline, trying to edit another marker does not work - FMOD repeatedly behaves as if I’m trying to edit the original marker.

I’ve attached a video which hopefully shows the issue clearly enough. In this example (which is a brand new event, with just a couple of markers), I’ve created two transitions. The first has a transition timeline, the second does not (you can see this with the º symbol). When I double click on the first marker, the transition timeline opens as expected. When I click on the second marker, nothing happens. If I double click on the second marker, it opens the first marker’s transition timeline. Furthermore, if I try to right click the second marker, I’m presented with the option to edit an existing transition timeline - signifying that the UI thinks I’m trying to edit the first marker. Video: FMOD Studio - Google Drive

This isn’t limited to just transition markers, either. If I try to double click on a destination marker (which should let me edit the destination marker’s title), it opens the first transition marker’s transition timeline.

This is super frustrating and seems like an incredibly basic feature. When this occurs, I usually just flail around the UI, try saving repeatedly, zoom in and out, close and reopen, etc. until it happens to work properly again. I have no idea what triggers it and what fixes it, but creating a transition timeline yields a 10 minute adventure in trying to fix the UI to continue getting something done.

Is there some basic setting/configuration that I’m missing, or incompatibility with my machine? I’m using FMOD Studio version 2.02.11, 64-bit, Build #130436, and my machine is a 2020 Mac Mini on Monterey version 12.5.1 with an M1 chip.

I’ve been able to reproduce the behavior you describe in FMOD Studio version 2.02.11, but not in version 2.02.19. I haven’t been able to find this issue in our records, but the fact that it’s not reproducible in more recent versions suggests that it’s been fixed. Updating to a more recent version of FMOD Studio should therefore allow you to avoid it.