Cannot find Game Core option in Permissions

Hi, i am trying to download “FMOD Game Core plugin for Unity” but i can’t find this in “FMOD for Unity” in “downloads” section, also can’t find in Permissions!

Please Help Me!

I have addressed this offline, for general information the download page requires permission from the console developer (see and a project to be registered with the same platform listed (see


I have clicked on both of these given URLs. I am being asked to create an account before proceeding further. However, I am already logged in. I am unable to understand what is going on here.

Hi, it should ask you to sign in not create an account. Just do a hard refresh to make sure you are logged in or not. It is just part of your profile in the top right of the page.


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Yep, that was it. Thanks for helping me.

I still can’t find the unity plugin download option for Xbox “GAME CORE”. I’m using the GDK libraries in my project and not the XDK ones. Check the image below.

Below in the image are all the platforms my project is registered on.

In the project’s platform registration panel, there is no option if your project uses the GDK Game Core libraries. Check the image below.